August 29, 2023
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Northstake Partners with Coinify to Offer Regulated Institutional Staking Services

Louise Hallersbo

Our partnership with Coinify has reached the media and we are honored to be featured in Bloomberg.

For a quick summary of the article:

Northstake has partnered with Coinify, a global virtual currency platform. This collaboration aims to meet the growing demand from institutional and high-net-worth investors for secure and compliant crypto-staking opportunities. As part of the partnership, Northstake will extend its regulated staking services to Coinify's premium client base, offering them a more secure way to generate yields on crypto assets. In return, Coinify will offer Northstake's clients access to its white-glove OTC desk, known as Coinify+, enabling secure and efficient cryptocurrency transactions.

Both Northstake and Coinify are emphasizing the importance of regulatory compliance and risk management in the fast-evolving digital asset landscape. Northstake aims to minimize counterparty and legal risks by adhering to strict anti-money laundering protocols. Coinify also places a strong emphasis on regulatory compliance and security, operating under international laws such as the EU 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive.

The partnership represents a significant step towards bridging traditional finance with the crypto world, by providing institutional clients a regulated and secure avenue for virtual asset staking and investments.

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