Investment vehicles

Staking Products

To meet the needs of institutional investors, we develop and offer a variety of investment vehicles and staking products.

Benefits of staking products


We lower the technical, financial and legal barriers to help our clients enter a new asset class.

Secure custody

We protect and segregate all client funds using MPC (Fireblocks) that is cyber, tech and crime insured.

regulated and audited

We are a VASP and regulated custodian.
ISAE 3402 SOC1 audited and EUAML5 compliant.


A tax-efficient way to handle assets, as we manage the tax-related compliance and financial regulations.

Physically backed INVESTMENTS

Our investment vehicles are physically backed one-to-one, and are not subject to rehypothecation.

credit rating

Shares in investment vehicles may be used in credit ratings, whereas crypto, as an intangible asset, often cannot be used.

Staking Products

target aum
launch date
Ethereum Staking A/S
100 mEUR
Coming soon
August 1st, 2023
Tokenized ETH staking
100 mEUR
Coming soon
Launching soon

products faq

What is staking?

Staking is the process of holding and locking up a certain amount of crypto assets in a blockchain network to participate in validating transactions and thereby earn rewards.

It works by having token holders commit their tokens to the network as collateral to guarantee the security and consensus of the blockchain network.

What is the purpose of staking?

The purpose of staking is to secure a blockchain network and validate transactions by  network participants locking crypto assets as collateral.

By staking, participants help ensure network stability and security while earning rewards for successful transaction validation.

However, penalties are incurred for any attempt to post false transactions or failure to validate transactions correctly.

What are staking products?

Staking products are structured products that consist of a single or a combination of yield-bearing crypto assets for traditional financial rails.

Staking products allow investors to gain exposure to staked crypto assets through a financial instrument they are familiar with.

How does staking products differ from asset staking?

With staking products, investors do not have to worry about having a crypto asset on the balance sheet. Instead, they invest in a known financial vehicle that represents ownership in a single or a combination of crypto assets.

What is the counterparty risk of Northstake’s staking products?

There are no counterparty risks as investments are 100% physically replicated (full collateralization). Since the assets are ring-fenced from Northstake's balance sheet the investor does not face any Northstake bankruptcy risk.

What are the benefits of purchasing Northstake's staking products versus buying the underlying assets on a traditional Crypto exchange?

Investing directly in crypto can present a number of challenges, such as safeguarding one's private keys, securing assets, and counterparty assessing exchanges and custodians.

At Northstake, we enable investors to participate in the crypto space by offering easy access to crypto assets. Our staking products are physically replicated, segregated, and secured with Fireblocks multi-party computation infrastructure technology with hardware isolation.

With our platform, investors can invest in crypto assets directly using their existing custody account and without having to worry about managing or securing the underlying assets themselves.