April 25, 2024
 min read

Northstake boosts Kvarn Capital with enhanced, secure institutional investment options.

Louise Hallersbo

We have extended our collaboration with Kvarn Capital to support Ethereum (ETH) staking services on the Kvarn X platform. This initiative will enable Kvarn Capital to expand its existing digital asset investment and asset management services while introducing Northstake's ETH staking capabilities to a broader audience.

Providing investors with access to institutional-grade staking services enhances the overall utility and appeal of the Ethereum ecosystem and ensures that Kvarn's clients receive unparalleled institutional staking services. Our services are characterized by a high level of transparency and compliance, including a verified source of funds, complete control over validator nodes, and strict segregation of assets.

Joonas Järvinen, Founder of Kvarn Capital, said: "This expansion into Ethereum staking is an exciting development for our clients in the Nordics, for the first time accessing institutional-grade staking services with Ethereum as the biggest PoS blockchain at the forefront. We're proud to enhance our service offerings and contribute to the growth of digital assets in the Nordic countries."

Jesper Johansen, Founder and CEO of Northstake said: "We're pleased to see Northstake's services integrated into Kvarn X's suite, which includes a professional brokerage and custody platform, along with EU-compliant Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs). This is a significant opportunity for us, as Kvarn X provides Northstake with important access to Nordic investors as they broaden their portfolios to include staked ETH. The demand behind this move furthers our belief that Ethereum staking products will be a key tool for institutional investors. We're looking forward to enhancing the investment options of Kvarn Capital's growing client base. "

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