November 30, 2023
 min read

Northstake is now a Validator on the Polygon Network

Louise Hallersbo

We are excited to announce that Northstake is now a Validator on the Polygon Network!

As a validator, Northstake will aid in the security and verification of the blockchain, while enabling its institutional clients to stake on the network and earn rewards in Polygon Labs’s ecosystem token, MATIC.

Jesper Johansen, Founder and CEO of NORTHSTAKE, said: “The Polygon ecosystem is one of the largest in the industry, so being able to come on board as a validator is very exciting for Northstake and our customers. Polygon PoS facilitates secure, timely and cost-effective transactions based on the Ethereum blockchain. Billions of transactions have already been carried out on-chain and as a validator on the Polygon network, our institutional clients, will enjoy seamless access to staking services on the network. This marks the latest step in Northstake’s vision to unlock secure and compliant staking services for institutional investors looking to capitalize on the fast-growing digital assets space.”

We're committed to delivering secure and compliant staking services to our institutional partners, and this partnership with Polygon takes us closer to that goal.