April 27, 2023
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Northstake announces partnership with Januar

Thomas V. Daugaard

We are excited to announce that Northstake A/S and Januar are partnering to provide Northstake with access to Januar’s financial services.

Januar is a payment service provider licensed with the Danish FSA and is considered the crypto standard in regulatory compliance. Januar aims to serve the European crypto market with state-of-the-art financial services that put compliance at the core.  

Innovative EU crypto companies use Januar's payment account solutions to acce pt payments and send payouts while maintaining full compliance and stable business operations.  

Januar is a first-in-class payment gate for crypto companies and at Northstake, we are excited to further improve our services with access to Januar's services.

Read more about Januar here: https://www.januar.com/

Northstake A/S is a regulated VASP pioneering a proprietary multi-chain crypto staking platform allowing financial instruments to be built on top and offer exposure to yield-bearing crypto assets. Northstake bridge TradFi and crypto by simplifying the way institutions invest in crypto products

Northstake Media Contact: Jesper Johansen (CEO)