April 27, 2023
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Northstake announces partnership with BCB Group

Thomas V. Daugaard

Northstake is partnering with BCB Group to provide efficient, reliable and regulated crypto-friendly fiat business services.

We are proud to announce our latest partnership with BCB Group to provide Northstake current and future clients with efficient, reliable, and regulated crypto-friendly fiat business services.

Northstake is committed to revolutionising the investing experience for institutions around the world, offering non-custodial staking, custodial staking, OTC and trading services to investors, corporates and institutional investors. We are pioneering our proprietary technology platform, allowing our clients to safely and securely deploy capital or stake multiple digital assets.

BCB Group is excited to be working with Northstake. BCB Group will bridge the gap for Northstake to freely operate between the traditional and digital worlds with efficient, reliable and regulated crypto-friendly fiat business services. The partnership will bolster Northstake's on and off ramp capabilities, whilst strengthening their payment rail infrastructure.

- BCB Group, Head of Sales, Greg Gardner

Being part of the BCB Group network allows Northstake to not just get access to institutional liquidity across crypto and FX, but be part of a significant crypto community via BCB's free instant settlement network, BLINC.

We are excited to see the Northstake eco-system expanding, and are especially confident that the partnership with BCB Group will bring value to all current and future Northstake clients.

About BCB Group

BCB Group is the world’s leading crypto-dedicated payment services provider, serving many of the industry’s largest clients including Bitstamp, FTX, Crypto.com, Fireblocks, Galaxy, Gemini, Huobi and Kraken. BCB Group provides payment services in 25+ currencies, FX, cryptocurrency liquidity, digital asset custody and BLINC, which is BCB’s free, instant settlements network for the BCB client ecosystem.Responding to institutional demand for operational best practice in digital asset markets, BCB Group was created by established thought leaders in finance, regulation and technology. Founded in the UK and developed to encompass key relationships across global financial services communities, BCB Group is well positioned as one of the first multi-jurisdictional regulated cryptocurrency service firms.BCB Group’s executive team have worked for Barclays, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Investec, Lloyds Commercial Bank, Norton Rose Fulbright, FIS and Sun Life of Canada.

About Northstake

Northstake is a crypto asset staking provider, offering professional non-custodial staking services, custodial staking solutions, OTC and trading services to investors, corporates and institutional investors.Northstake was founded by ex-Deloitte and ex-Accenture technologists and blockchain leaders and the team encompasses leading staking and blockchain experts, cryptographer, and cloud engineering and infrastructure developers. Northstake A/S is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.We are pioneering a proprietary technology that allows our clients to safely and securely deploy capital or crypto on multiple chains, without the hassle of using many fragmented services, but rather by the press of a button.Northstake is fully compliant with industry standards for information security (ISAE 3402/ SOC 1) and quality management. We are supervised by Danish FSA under the Danish AML act and hold a VASP registration.