April 27, 2023
 min read

CCD Community Pool is open!

Thomas V. Daugaard

Our CCD Community Pool is up and running! Now, is the CCD Community Pool something you should consider joining? If you can say yes to the below, we believe you should.

Q: Would you like to avoid having to pay staking fee invoices manually?

A: Joining the pool allows us to deduct fees before distributing rewards.

Q: Do you want to earn CCD staking rewards comparable to the big whales do?

A: The pool returns est. 11.51% APY compared to the 10.47% when running a dedicated node.

The file below includes details on how to join the Community Pool. We also encourage you to book time with our crypto analyst at thomas.daugaard@northstake.dk to learn more.

Read how to join the community pool here 👇