April 18, 2024
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Northstake Announces Tokenized Staking on Ethereum Testnet with 3iQ, CoinFund and CoinDesk Indices

Louise Hallersbo

Northstake proudly announces the launch of a tokenized ETH staking pilot on the Ethereum testnet, Holesky, in collaboration with leading digital asset manager 3iQ, CoinFund, and CoinDesk Indices, who are contributing their CESR™

Our goal is to develop a tokenized staking marketplace tailored for institutional investors to enhance the yield performance of their portfolios.

This pilot showcases the potential of tokenized staking to enable regulated institutions to swiftly liquidate their Ethereum validator nodes—transforming what used to take days into just a few hours—all while adhering to stringent regulatory standards. We anticipate that this initiative on the Holesky testnet will set the stage for a subsequent Mainnet launch later this year, moving us closer to realizing a seamless marketplace for tokenized Web3 infrastructure.

Jesper Johansen, CEO of Northstake said: 

"We are looking forward to supporting 3iQ on several initiatives from our stronghold in Europe. In the short term, tokenized staking aims to improve capital efficiency in staking funds by increasing the assets they are allowed to stake. In the long run, tokenized staking opens up unprecedented opportunities for institutions to join a fully regulated marketplace for Web3 infrastructure."

Pascal St-Jean, President of 3iQ, said:

"We are happy to be an early testing partner with Northstake on tokenized ETH staking. Our goal is to significantly improve the capital efficiency of our ETH funds in a regulatory-compliant manner."

Alan Campbell, President of CoinDesk Indices added:

"CESR, which the marketplace has adopted for benchmarking, OTC derivatives, and research, is ready to enhance stability and risk management in staking products like those offered by

And Christopher Perkins, President of CoinFund thoughts:

"We are excited about tokenized staking as one of the pathways to regulatory-compliant staking for exchange-traded funds like 3iQ and other financial institutions. This is facilitated by having an institutional reference rate for the crypto asset class, like CESR"

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