June 10, 2024
 min read

US elections are a ‘huge variable’ for Solana ETF approval

Louise Hallersbo

The approval of spot Ether ETFs gives hopes in the crypto market for other altcoin ETFs e.g Solana. However it might take longer than some optimistic voices expect.

Sebastian Heine, our Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, was featured in a recent Cointelegraph article discussing this topic. He emphasized that for an altcoin to justify an ETF, it must have a large market cap and significant daily trading volume. Sebastian's insights underline the importance of liquidity and market size in the approval process.

US elections could significantly impact altcoin ETF approvals. The upcoming 2024 presidential election is seen as a key factor to define the future regulatory landscape in the US.

Despite potential challenges, including price manipulation and low liquidity, the market remains hopeful. As the regulatory landscape evolves, the possibility of altcoin ETFs, including Solana, will depend on several factors, including political changes and market maturity.

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