October 13, 2023
 min read

Staking will help 'bring the next billion users on-chain' - Northstake CEO

Louise Hallersbo

In an insightful discussion with Kitco News, Jesper Johansen, our CEO, illuminates the growing significance of staking in the ever-evolving crypto world, particularly in the wake of Ethereum’s transition to Proof-of-Stake (PoS). Northstake, having launched in November 2021 and presently managing over $80 million AUM, empowers institutions by offering secure and compliant staking of crypto assets, especially focusing on Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Navigating through the gradually forming regulatory landscape, Johansen emphasizes the crucial role staking will play in ushering the 'next billion users on-chain.' While Northstake extends staking support for a dozen tokens, including notable ones like Ether, Solana, and Avalanche, the clarity in regulations, particularly within the U.S., is underscored as a vital element influencing widespread institutional participation in crypto staking.

Johansen asserts that while the U.S. wrangles with establishing a solid regulatory framework, the European Union forges ahead with the MiCA bill, poised to shape crypto services and staking regulations from mid-2024 onward. He highlights that institutional capital will inevitably flow into staking, given the strategy’s intrinsic ability to enhance the overall crypto market cap, thereby energizing the ecosystem.

As a regulated custodian adhering to KYC/AML legislation, Northstake emerges as a compliant, secure platform, offering institutional investors not only the means to stake but also pivotal auxiliary services like compliance monitoring and tax reporting. In a realm still finding its regulatory footing, Northstake stands steadfast, ensuring secure, regulated, and profitable staking for institutional investors amidst the vibrant crypto landscape

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