April 27, 2023
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Northstake launches institutional staking for ETH

Thomas V. Daugaard

Northstake is excited to announce the launch of ETH staking, a staking product that will allow Northstake institutional clients to grow their funds by receiving rewards & distributions simply by depositing and holding ETH.

Staking with Northstake enables institutional participation in any network that meets our standards for quality, security, and compliance. We are proud to add ETH to our growing list of assets and to help better facilitate institutional adoption of emerging protocols.

ETH staking will allow Northstake clients to earn staking rewards without needing to set up any nodes, time lengths, or any other technical requirements.

To learn more about the Northstake staking services, please visit www.northstake.dk or email info@northstake.dk

About Ethereum

Ethereum is the most widely adopted smart contract platform, counting for more than 200 million unique wallet addresses and accounting for more than 65% of Total Value Locked across all DeFi apps. It should come with no surprise that ETH market capitalization is second only to BTC.

The Merge, scheduled for Q3/Q4 2022 will complete Ethereum’s transition from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake, bringing ETH mining to a halt. The Merge is widely perceived as the single biggest event in crypto and will bring very positive changes:

- Ethereum will cut energy consumption by 99.95%

- Depending on transaction volume, ETH supply will likely become deflationary

- ETH becomes a yield-bearing crypto asset (approx. 4–6% APR)

All of which makes Ethereum very attractive to hold long-term. Northstake’s Ethereum staking product is regulatory compliant, secure and safe to use while providing real exposure to ETH as a yield-bearing asset. Clients can now collect rewards on their ETH in custody by staking on a Northstake validator.

Staking with Northstake

When considering staking ETH, there are a few key details to be aware of:

- Staking ETH requires knowledge of and experience in Development and Operations (DevOps) and server administration

- Staking requires specialized hardware that runs 24/7/365

- Staking requires continuous monitoring and software updates

Validators that lack the required experience or that do not operate with a high degree of care risk getting “slashed”, that is, risk losing their stake.

While some prefer to test their skills of validators, Northstake’s clients can now stake ETH and take an active role in the Ethereum network without the hassle and monetary risk of “solo-staking”.

The bridge to institutional investment in crypto assets

Northstake is the trusted and preferred crypto asset service provider to institutional investors. Our regulatory compliant ETH staking product allows institutional clients to stake ETH in a secure and compliant way.

We are pioneering our proprietary technology platform that allows our institutional clients to safely and securely deploy capital or stake multiple digital assets.

Northstake is supervised by the Danish FSA under the Danish AML act and holds a VASP registration. We comply with industry standards for information security (ISAE 3402/ SOC 1).

Stake with Northstake

Our clients trust us to deliver staking services in a secure and reliable way, regardless of whether they are familiar with crypto assets or just entering the market.

We offer bot custodial and non-custodial staking solutions to professional investors, corporates and institutions, who rely on professional services, governance and control.

Email info@northstake.dk to register, and join the leading Nordic staking partner for crypto asset investors.