August 11, 2023
 min read

NORTHSTAKE CEO discuss institutional staking on the Crypto Hipster Podcast

Thomas V. Daugaard

In the fast-evolving landscape of digital assets and blockchain technology, gaining insights from industry leaders is crucial. Northstake's CEO, Jesper Johansen, has been making waves in the media, sharing his expertise on topics ranging from secure institutional investments to regulatory compliance.

On July 22, 2023 NORTHSTAKE's CEO joined the Crypto Hipster Podcast.

In this episode of the Crypto Hipster podcast, Jesper Johansen joins Jamil Hasan to address how institutions can safely and securely participate in digital asset investment and staking. Jesper and Jamil discuss the recent institutional push towards crypto from financial industry giants like BlackRock, Citadel and Fidelity, and how these movements affects the digital asset industry.

With a focus on Northstake's innovative solutions, Jesper also emphasizes the need for institutions to adopt secure and reliable methods to enter the world of digital assets. In addition, Jesper highlights the investment case for digital assets and how corporations can ensure regulatory compliance while gaining exposure to this new exciting asset class.

Listen to the full episode on Apple Podcast and Spotify.