August 15, 2023
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Northstake and GL21: First European Alternative Investment Fund leveraging Ethereum staking launches

Louise Hallersbo

In a groundbreaking move that underscores the growing convergence of traditional finance and the crypto market, Northstake A/S, has partnered with asset management investment firm GL21 CAPITAL to launch the first European Alternative Investment Fund centered around Ethereum staking. With an initial target of $150 million USD, the Ethereum Staking A/S fund managed by GL21 CAPITAL aims to offer institutional investors a unique opportunity to leverage the potential of Ethereum's blockchain technology and generate a conservatively estimated 4.8% ether yield through staking.

Unlocking a New Opportunity

The Ethereum Staking A/S fund stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of investment opportunities. Our founder and CEO, Jesper Johansen, highlighted the novelty of this venture, stating that it

"unlocks a new opportunity for institutional investors to generate yield from Ethereum, without having to hold crypto directly in their portfolios."

This approach addresses one of the main concerns traditional investors have had about entering the crypto space – direct exposure to volatile digital assets. With Northstake's innovative staking platform, investors can now tap into the potential of Ethereum while relying on established financial instruments.

Ethereum Staking and Yield Generation

At the core of the Ethereum Staking A/S fund's strategy is the concept of staking. Staking involves participants holding a certain amount of a cryptocurrency in a wallet to support the network's operations. In return, participants receive rewards in the form of additional cryptocurrency. In this case, the fund's underlying technology provided by Northstake allows investors to engage in Ethereum staking, thereby contributing to the blockchain's security and receiving a portion of the newly minted ether as a reward. This strategy not only provides a yield on the staked assets but also combines it with market returns, enhancing the potential profitability of the investment.

Mitigating Risks: Compliance and Security

One of the key factors contributing to the Ethereum Staking A/S fund's appeal is its commitment to compliance, security, and risk management. Northstake places a strong emphasis on minimizing legal and compliance risks through its robust Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance system. The system is audited to ensure the provenance of the staked funds, promoting transparency and accountability. Additionally, Northstake implements a unique withdrawal feature that enhances the investor experience and further reduces counterparty risk.

The security aspect of the investment is also fortified by Northstake's collaboration with Fireblocks, a multi-party computation (MPC) provider. Fireblocks' technology offers cyber, tech, and crime insurance, bolstering the protection and segregation of client funds. This strategic partnership not only enhances the fund's security but also underscores the importance of leveraging established cybersecurity expertise to safeguard digital assets.

Regulation and Peace of Mind

The regulatory environment surrounding cryptocurrencies and digital assets has been a point of concern for many institutional investors. Northstake addresses this by operating under the Danish Financial Authority's regulation and adhering to the 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive. This regulatory compliance offers investors peace of mind, knowing that their involvement in the fund is aligned with established financial oversight standards.


The launch of the Ethereum Staking A/S fund by GL21 CAPITAL, powered by Northstake's innovative staking platform, marks a significant milestone in the intersection of traditional finance and the crypto realm. By providing institutional investors with a secure, compliant, and accessible avenue to generate yield from Ethereum, the fund paves the way for further integration of digital assets into mainstream investment strategies. As the financial landscape continues to evolve, ventures like the Ethereum Staking A/S fund exemplify the potential for collaborative innovation between fintech and crypto sectors, ushering in a new era of investment possibilities.