June 18, 2024
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Europe’s crypto industry can ‘sleep better at night’ with new parliament

Louise Hallersbo

Europe’s Crypto Industry Needs Balanced Regulations

As the crypto industry evolves, so does regulation; it must be continuously updated and tweaked. The second version of the MiCA regulation is already underway.

Our CRCO, Sebastian Heine, provided Cointelegraph with a few comments on this. He argues that National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) need to provide the missing expectations for the “detailed implementation of MiCA so companies can prepare earlier and be more targeted.”

Sebastian believes Europe’s new focus should be to leverage its high regulatory standards to “connect the digital asset space quicker with TradFi. ”

Balanced regulation is essential, as the EU’s high regulatory standards may represent a double-edged sword for the crypto industry.

On one hand, it offers investors and partners a “high level of security for companies that strive for that level of compliance and regulation.” However, on the other hand, smaller companies “may find this regulation a burden.”

What are your opinions on this?

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