August 14, 2023
 min read

AXIOS: Northstake and GL21 Capital Launch Groundbreaking Ethereum Staking Fund

Louise Hallersbo

Northstake, has joined forces with GL21 Capital to unveil the Ethereum A/S Staking fund. This innovative initiative empowers investors with an unprecedented gateway to Ethereum staking yields, seamlessly merging traditional financial markets with the dynamic crypto sphere.

Diversification takes on a new dimension as Northstake and GL21 Capital present an enticing proposition: a robust Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 4.3% on staked Ethereum. Notably, the Ethereum yield is inherently secure, arguably even surpassing the stability of conventional Treasuries when denominated in ETH terms.

Jesper Johansen, CEO of Northstake, articulated the significance of this moment, stating,

"We are witnessing an evolving landscape where traditional investors are increasingly drawn to the world of crypto assets, despite the perceived barriers to entry."

Northstake's strategic collaboration with GL21 Capital strategically addresses this shift, facilitating exposure to crypto assets through conventional investment pathways.

Underpinning this transformative endeavor is the ability for investors to contribute using traditional currency, transcending the typical hurdles associated with entering the crypto market. Catering to professional investors, the fund requires a minimum investment of €110,000 and is poised to conclude its first phase in September, with an ambitious target size of $150 million.

Northstake's pioneering role in the Ethereum A/S Staking fund is emblematic of our commitment to democratizing access to crypto staking, enabling seasoned investors to embrace novel opportunities while harnessing the reliability of staking rewards. As institutional interest in the web3 financial ecosystem intensifies, Northstake's partnership with GL21 Capital emerges as a beacon of innovation, heralding a transformative era where traditional finance converges with the limitless potential of the crypto realm.