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Update to Concordium staking service

Concordium expects to go live with the highly anticipated Sirius Release on mainnet on the 23rd of June 2022.

Therefore, Northstake is announcing several changes to our staking service on Concordium, as well as introducing several new staking products.


Staking on Concordium

Northstake launched staking on Concordium in January 2022. At the time, the only available option for Northstake clients, was non-custodial staking on dedicated nodes. The reason for this, is that the highly anticipated delegation functionality is a part of the Sirius release.

Delegation allows CCD token holders to earn staking rewards by delegating their tokens to a node in the network.

Delegation is relevant for all CCD token holders who do not wish to run their own node, but wish to retain self-custody of private keys.

Northstake are updating our Concordium CCD staking product coinciding with the Sirius release, which enables CCD tokens holders to enjoy improved convenience and higher yields. This will be covered in detail within this news post.

For more information about non-custodial staking and custodial staking, please go to

Improving the Concordium CCD staking product

You can now enjoy our improved staking product that earns you higher yields, and is easier to use compared to running your own node.

If you are a CCD token holder without finalizer status, you now have the following two options:

1) Stake with Northstake on a validator node (custodial staking)

2) Delegate to Northstake’s validator node

Both options eliminate the need to pay monthly invoices, as fees are deducted automatically. This has been requested heavily by our users. Option 1: Stake with Northstake on a validator node

You can deposit your CCD’s with Northstake and stake alongside other Northstake users to earn baker and finalization rewards, without the fear of losing your password and keys.

· Safe to use: No need to keep track of your wallet, password, and keys. Northstake stakes your tokens on our validator node, while keeping your funds segregated.

· Higher yield: Staking with Northstake yields a higher return on stake with more frequent rewards due to finalization rewards, increasing est. gross yield up to approx. 11.5% from 10.5%.

· Automated fee payments: Fees are automatically calculated and deducted from your yield before rewards are added to your account. This eliminates the need to manually pay staking fees monthly.

· Quick withdrawals: You can request to have your CCD withdrawn to your own Concordium wallet at any time, but subject to on-chain procedures known as bakercooldown, which locks you tokens for a period. Option 2: Delegate to Northstake

Following the guidance on the upcoming Concordium wallet release will allow you to

delegate your CCDs to earn delegation rewards (a share of baker rewards but no finalization rewards) while paying a delegation commission (set by Concordium).

Concordium wallet release for Desktop and Mobile Wallet App available soon on Concordium’s website, Apple Store or Google Play.

· ‘Not your keys, not your tokens’: You keep your CCD in your own wallet and do not rely on anyone else.

· Higher Net Yield: Net yield will be up to 9.45% and higher than staking on a dedicated node, but lower than Staking with Northstake (net yield estimated up to 9.78%) as delegation does not earn finalization rewards.


Updates to fee structure for Concordium dedicated nodes

In relation to the Sirius update, we are updating our fee structure for staking on dedicated node infrastructure. The recent market conditions, price development of CCD and associated costs have warranted a change to our fee structure.

Fee Structure

Dedicated nodes on Concordium will from the 1st of August be subject to a minimum fee of equal to 3.000 USD, per node, per month.

This will NOT affect users staking using option 1 or option 2.

Which staking option is best for me?

Deciding on which staking option is best comes down to whether you need Northstake to help you stake your CCDs, or whether you feel comfortable delegating your stake through the Concordium wallet.

Please refer to the flowchart below for a break-down of the available options:


General FAQ's

Can I stake without being subject to the minimum fee?

Yes, simply sign up on or delegate your stake.

How do I change from staking on a dedicated node to STAKE with Northstake?

Once Sirius goes live and delegation becomes available,

1. Download Concordium’s newest Desktop or Mobile Wallet App (available soon on Apple Store or Google Play)

2. Click the top right corner and navigate to stop baking on your dedicated node

3. Go to Northstake via, link your wallet, deposit your CCD to the onscreen address and stake.

How do I change from staking on a dedicated node to DELEGATE to Northstake?

Once Sirius goes live and delegation becomes available,

1. Download Concordium’s newest Desktop or Mobile Wallet App (available soon on Apple Store or Google Play)

2. Click the top right corner and navigate to stop baking on your dedicated node

3. Subsequently click in the top right corner, navigate to delegation, and enter the following Baker ID: 82826 to Delegate to Northstake.

Can I continue staking on a dedicated node?

Yes, simply email us on and indicate your intent to continue staking on a dedicated node. You will need to accept the updated SLA and terms.

What happens if I do nothing?

If you don’t do anything, your node will cease to generate baking rewards on the 1st of August 2022. We will not charge any client without their explicit acceptance.

Effectively, this email is a notification that Northstake is terminating your contract for staking-as-a-service on a dedicated node, as of 1st of August 2022.

What is the timeline for these changes?

17th of June 2022

· Soft launch of where deposits of CCDs can be made. If you have any issues, please reach out on or on Telegram.

· Notification emails to users of changes to your contract for staking-as-a-service on a dedicated node effective as of 1st of August 2022.

23rd of June 2022

· Estimated go-live for Concordium’s Sirius Release on mainnet including delegation functionality available

· Concordium’s updated Mobile Wallet with Delegation support available on App Stores

Before 1st of August 2022

· All Northstake clients must decide whether to Stake with Northstake via or delegate to a Concordium node

· All Northstake clients who wish to continue staking on a dedicated node must have accepted updated SLA and terms.

On 1st of August 2022

· Discontinuation of dedicated node service on the SLA 1.x contracts

I have un-staked but still have 14k left on my dedicated node, what to do?

Once Sirius goes live and delegation becomes available, you will be able to free up even the last 14k staked on Northstake’s dedicated nodes.

Where can I get support and ask questions?

Simply email us on or reach out on Telegram.


Stake with Northstake

Our clients trust us to deliver staking services in a secure and reliable way, regardless of whether they are familiar with crypto assets or just entering the market. We offer non-custodial staking solutions to professional investors, corporate and institutions, who rely on professional services, governance and control. Click here to register, and join the leading Nordic staking partner for crypto asset investors. --

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