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Concordium, an open and privacy-centric
smart contract blockchain with an ID layer.

Concordium is an open-source, privacy-focused smart contract blockchain network that launched in June 2021. The native cryptocurrency used to transact with one another and execute smart contracts is CCD . 


The network runs on a Nakamoto-style blockchain secured through delegated Proof of Stake and features self-sovereign identification at the protocol level, fast finalization and stable transactions costs on a EURO basis. In addition, users’ privacy is protected by Zero Knowledge Proofs, which guarantee a certain level of confidentiality.


Thanks to its regulatory readiness, focus on privacy and stable transaction costs, Concordium is particularly well-suited for enterprise adoption and RegDeFi (Regulated-Decentralized-Finance) applications.


Concordium is developed by the Concordium Foundation, a non-profit based in Switzerland.

Concordium Resources

Learn more about Concordium and its native token CCD

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