Full Stack Developer - Full Time Position - Aarhus

In short

Northstake is currently looking for a skilled developer to join our team in Aarhus, Denmark. Our mission at Northstake is to establish secure and credible pathways for institutional investors into the digital future. As part of our growth strategy, we are seeking a developer who shares our passion for advancing this future.

About the role

At Northstake, we operate at the intersection of cutting-edge Web3 technologies and the intricacies of fintech. While our business pertains to the Web3 ecosystem, our technological focus centers on creating robust financial tech solutions.

As a potential developer with us, you can anticipate:

  • Complex Systems Architecture: Our platform goes beyond the typical Web3 interface. We are building intricate systems capable of managing substantial volumes of digital assets, ensuring secure and compliant transactions for institutional investors.
  • High-Quality, Rational, and Resilient Code: Engage with the intricacies of monitoring, risk management, and financial modeling. Our platform demands the utmost precision and efficiency, providing continuous challenges and opportunities for learning. You will thrive in an environment that highly values robustness, testability, and proper software development practices.
  • Web3 Integration: While we primarily focus on fintech, our integration with Web3 technologies like Ethereum ensures that you'll stay connected with the latest in blockchain advancements.
  • Automation & Orchestration: Through extensive use of VM orchestration across various cloud providers, you'll gain practical experience with tools like Terraform, delving into the world of "Infrastructure as Code."

About You:

Whether you're a recent graduate eager to leave your mark in the tech industry or an experienced developer seeking a fresh challenge where your contributions can make a true difference, we invite you to apply if you possess qualities such as self-motivation, sociability, and a genuine thirst for learning.

Opportunities Await:As we navigate the dynamic startup phase, a multitude of opportunities is ready for an adept individual to seize and excel in.

Join Us as a Versatile Coder:While expertise in React is advantageous, we prioritize qualities like curiosity, determination, and sociability over specific skill sets.

Required Skills / Education / Experience

Our Technology Stack & Aspirations:

  • Python
  • NodeJS
  • TypeScript
  • SQL
  • GraphQL
  • Docker
  • React
  • VM Orchestration (Terraform, Infrastructure as Code)
  • Web3 Development

Working conditions

Life at Northstake:

  • Work-Life Balance: We understand the importance of a life beyond coding. Take the time to recharge, spend moments with loved ones, and pursue personal interests. Burnout is not part of our culture.
  • Responsible Professionals: Our team consists of mature individuals who take ownership of their roles. Mutual trust and dedication define our collaboration.